fruits of garcinia cambogia

GarciniaCambogia is simply a fruit. It is different from others. It contains hydroxycitric acid, which has immense chemical properties. Its uses range from culinary practice to medical applications. In spite of its popularity; there are concerns of its possible negative side effects on human beings.


Its proper use should be medically guided—in order to avoid unexpected results.Instead of focusing resources on products that are unwarranted health-wise, it is good to stay on the safe side, and simply avoid them. It may be consumed medicinally through a dosage taken before a meal. Its chemical properties allow for the blocking of body enzymes citratelyase which generate fat.

It also manipulates brain signals, those which determine hunger. It tends to relieve that feeling. In terms of culinary experience, it is used as a seasoning to increase flavoring. The acids in its are believed to help in controlling an individual’s weight.

Recent research into that matter however states otherwise.

Of all the successful cases, it seems highly unlikely that the fruit could have been the cause. With that in mind, it cannot be clearly stated that it is effective in reducing the fat mass in human beings.In spite of all that, medical experts recommend its usefulness in weight control. It has also been discovered that it is useful in regulating blood sugar.

It allows for a constant level in blood sugar—it maintains a state of equilibrium. It is therefore useful for patients with diabetes—some people have however argued that it is also dangerous, that is because of its reduction of body insulin levels.

There have been concerns of various side effects which arise after using it as a supplement. It is also possible that the other compounds mixed with it could be key causes. It may affect bodily functions both internally and externally. There may also be unexpected reactions with medications that one is using. In addition, there may be unexpected developments for people with chronic illnesses.

Dizziness has been identified as a major side effect. This condition has many variations of personal sensations.Some people may feel like the world is spinning, or in a constant move. Inspite of it not being fatal, it could be a significant distraction to one’s life.

The effects may indicate a possible problem with the auditory organs.Others may feel slightly semi-conscious, this may be followed by deep breaths—something like a fainting sensation.

There may also be a problem with stability.

Finally there may be feelings of anxiety, worry, or depression. Weight loss has been identified asa positive side effect. This is because of the supplement’s inhibition of fattyenzyme production.

If the fats are not synthesized, then they are not stored within body cells, thus the cause of weight loss. Its ability of also preventing the storage of calories as fats means that the body would store calories as muscles—through glycogen. A key behind its ability to reduce weight is through appetite loss—the body is forced to eat at certain times.

It has however been argued that theloss in weight is either caused by physical exercise undertaken by the people involved, or because of extra ingredients within the supplement. Due to its ability of controlling cholesterol levels and calorie balance, it may increasebody cell processes—that means there would be increased energy.

Due to the increase in metabolic levels, there’s bound to be reduced weaknesses in the body muscles—no more feelings of tiredness. It may also lead to a dry mouth.The mouth requires saliva to stay moist.

It also acts an a natural anti-septic solution to bacterial infections. It has been discovered that Garcinia Cambogia pills inhibit the production of saliva.

Common Symptoms

  • Adry mouth
  • Unpleasant breath – you won’t stay away from a breath freshener.
  • A sore throat.
  • Mouth sores.
  • And an uncontrollable thirst.

This condition exposes you to a risk of contracting bacterial infections within the mouth. These range from infections on the teeth and the mouth. Examples are tooth decay and oral thrush. A problem like that could lead to unnecessary costs on your part.

Head aches could also be a negative side effect of the supplement. Sometimes, they may cause discomfort, and lead to a host of other symptoms.

The only solution would be consumption of pain reliever pills. Stomach upsets may also be a negative side effect. This is as a result of extra toxicity caused by the fruit’s acid. The end results are interchangeable phases between stomach upsets and puking. What happens later is very nasty—you eventually throw up.

Diarrhea could also be another effect. There have also been reported problems of the supplement on lactating, and pregnant mothers. The same could also happen to people with organ failures. The supplement also has negative reactions with some medical prescriptions.

For example anemic, diabetic, drugs.

It is advisable to do a proper research on its effects if you are under any form of medication. It has a positive effect of stress reduction. This could be attributed to its acidic property. It has the power of regulating stress hormones—in their blood circulation.

The reduction of stress also leads to relief in anxiety. Which is a positive turn for a healthy body and mind. In addition to relieving stress; it also has the power to draw out pleasure hormones, which could help calm a person’s mood, and provide a relief for cases of depression.

It has been argued that the supplement may not be the problem itself.

Apart from the well known fact, that it may create toxicity in the liver it should be taken in smaller doses, the other cases are preventable. For starters, it should be a product of an accredited company.


The facility of production should also conform to strict production standards. The products purchased should also have higher levels of its acid (Garcinia Cambogia). In addition, the product should have extra ingredients which allow for its efficient absorption—calcium could be one.

The product should also be made from pure ingredients from the fruit. The task of losing weight should not only be left to the supplement.

Other weight reduction techniques would also suffice. For example aerobics, running, or strength training. In conclusion, as we have seen,Garcinia Cambogia has both its positive and negative sides.

It is good to seek medical advice whenever you are about to take in any prescription, this mostly applies to people with illnesses, or under other medical prescriptions. In spite of all that, it seems that the positive side effects outweigh the negative ones.